The 6-Figure Sale From My LinkedIn Profile…

Your LinkedIn profile can generate you sales…

I’m going to share a real story of how my LinkedIn profile helped me generate a 6-figure B2B sale, and how you can leverage Social Selling to generate sales from your profile.

It’s worth noting that your profile can help you generate both inbound AND outbound sales opportunities. Done right, and with the right information and wording, your profile will generate inbound sales inquiries.

However, LinkedIn also gives you an opportunity to generate OUTBOUND sales opportunities. In this example, I’ll show you exactly how…

Late last year, I noticed the Managing Director and Sales Director of a company had viewed my LinkedIn profile earlier in the day.

It had been 3 hours since they had viewed my profile.

No messages asking me for information, no phone calls, no emails. They had just simply viewed my profile.

As I was scrolling through checking my profile views, I noticed they were both from the same company so I looked the company up. It matched my target customer for LinkedIn/Social Selling training.

I used this opportunity to send them both a message.

Now what I didn’t do was send a spammy sales message desperately pitching my product or service, nor did I send a spammy message with a link to my online calendar!

This was what I sent…

“Hi (name),

Thank you for checking out my profile today. I’d love to know how your company is currently using LinkedIn to sell?

Kind Regards,


Simple, personal and relevant. Within 5 minutes I received a reply from the Managing Director. It read:

“Hi Dan,

Thank you for your message. Funnily enough, we were just talking about this today. We’re using LinkedIn quite a lot, but we’re keen to see if there is more we can do with it. Could you please arrange a call with (name), my Sales Director?

Kind Regards,


I was then able to arrange a phone call with the Sales Director the next day. After that, there were several more phone calls, 2 emails, 2 face to face meetings, lunch and then I was able to secure a training and support deal with them. Not only that, but following a successful delivery of training, they also sent several great referrals my way, all booking within the following 3 months.

A profile view that turned into a 6-figure revenue earning.

Now, of course, I could have left it to chance.

Perhaps THEY would have called me or emailed me. But, perhaps they wouldn’t. We all know what it’s like in the real world, we have conversations, discuss ideas and then get distracted by everything else that is happening.

Should salespeople leave opportunities to chance?

Or take control?

Real salespeople go out and hunt for opportunities, they don’t sit around waiting for them.

Hopefully, this blog helps show you how you can go out and hunt for sales opportunities with social selling. My advice?

  • Make sure your profile is fully optimized
  • Check your LinkedIn profile views daily
  • Message potential prospects
  • Use it to start conversations

Then turn those conversations into pipeline opportunities, take them offline and turn them into phone calls and emails, then meetings/demos and then work your magic to close those sales!

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About the author:

Daniel Disney is one of the world’s leading Sales, Social Selling and LinkedIn experts and is the author of the #1 Amazon Best Selling book, “The Million-Pound LinkedIn Message“.

Daniel is also a highly in-demand international keynote sales speaker, is the UK’s leading sales blogger and is also the Founder and Owner of LinkedIn’s most popular sales publication, The Daily Sales. With a global audience of over 500,000+ followers and growing by thousands each week, his content reaches millions of salespeople far and wide.

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