Stop Sending Spammy LinkedIn Messages!

Every day my LinkedIn inbox is FILLED with spammy sales messages.

99% of the time you can very easily tell that the sales rep hasn’t qualified me and hasn’t made the effort to even look at my profile. They’ve just spent the day scrolling through their connections, copy and pasting in a sales message and then sending it to as many “prospects” as possible.

This spray and pray approach to sales rarely works. It’s not a good sales strategy and it’s certainly not a good social selling strategy.

Here’s my advice…

1 – Look at their PROFILES!

It shouldn’t take you more than 1 minute to look through a prospects profile to either qualify them in or out as an actual prospect. This is just smart selling, working smarter trying to find the RIGHT people to sell to. Instead of trying to sell to anyone and everyone (which often just scares people away), you look to find the people who may actually need what you sell.

Not only will you save time not having to send messages to people that will NEVER buy from you, but you’ll increase conversions but actually messaging people who do potentially need what you sell.

2 – Don’t COPY & PASTE!

I know some of the people who copy and paste are just trying to be effecient, but there are rarely any real shortcuts on the road to success. This is very true with LinkedIn messaging, copy and pasting a message and sending it to everyone very rarely works.

Now it’s totally fine to have templates that you use, in fact in my new book that I released, “The Million-Pound LinkedIn Message” I’ve included 25 tried, tested and proven LinkedIn message templates. What is really important though when using templates is that you still customize each one for each individual prospect.

Make sure it has their actual name and try to reference something that is specific to them. It could be the company they work at or something you’ve found on their profile or in their content.

3 – Try and GIVE Something First!

This could just be engaging in their content, which is a super easy way to give them value. It feels amazing when someone clicks like or writes a nice comment in your content, and you can do this to your prospects. This is an easy way to give a bit of value before talking to them.

Another way is to send them something that is valuable to them, it could be an industry eBook or maybe a blog that you believe they will enjoy. Sending them something first (that is actually beneficial to them) taps into the law of resiprocity, where by giving something to them the feel the need to give something back.

4 – Make Sure You Are AUTHENTIC!

If you want to really cut through all of those spammy sales messages and connect with your prospects you need to truly be authentic. You need to be genuinely trying to help them. It’s not about you trying to flog your products to anyone and everyone, it’s about you going out there to help people solve problems.

As Larry Levine perfectly puts it, you can’t just be another empty suit. You need to sell from the heart and go out there with true, good intentions. The best salespeople aren’t the wolf of wall streets out there, they’re the people who go out to help.

5 – Keep It SHORT And Sweet

LinkedIn messages are like instant messages, it’s like sending a text or a Facebook message. People don’t want essay’s, they don’t want email size messages, they just want short conversational messages. Ideal messages are 1 paragraph long, and at a maximum 2 paragraphs (not including the hello X and from Y).

If someone wants more information on what you sell the best thing to do is get an email address and send it via email.

Most importanty though…


There are just a few little tips to help you avoid sending spammy LinkedIn messages and start sending messages that open up REAL conversations with prospects.

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