5 Ways To Get MORE From Your CRM

We understand updating your CRM is usually very low on your list of priorities…

Many salespeople quite literally HATE having to use their CRM, and yet when it’s used properly it can help you literally sell more.

Today we want to share 5 ways for you and your sales team to get MORE from their CRM without having to spend hours and hours each day on it.

Let’s dig in…

1) Make your CRM as EASY & SIMPLE to use as humanly possible

Look let’s be fair here, you hire your sales team to do one thing, sell! The more time and effort that they use for admin, the less time and effort they’ll have to sell. This isn’t to say they shouldn’t do any, but it’s on the leadership team to make it as EASY as possible to use.

The easier it is to use, the more salespeople will use it and the more it will benefit them. Follow this link for a 30-day free trial of the worlds No.1 easiest to use CRM.

2) Start recording BETTER information on your prospects & customers

We cannot express just HOW BIG a tip this is, the better the information you put in the better the results you’ll get out. You’ll have prospects RIGHT NOW going on holiday, have you recorded where they’re going? How long they’re going for? What they’re doing? When they’re back? And all the other details they’re likely to have told you during your last conversation.

That information can be the difference between you winning the sale and losing it to a sales rep who made that extra effort and built a stronger relationship.

3) Create REWARDS & INCENTIVES for using it

I know it’s in their interest to use it, but it’s also in yours. Having a leaderboard, and some small incentives and rewards for it won’t hurt but can help drive more usage which will ultimately help them, and you, sell more.

Tie it into their KPI’s, have quarterly and yearly “CRM Master” awards, visible leaderboards, anything that can incentivise and encourage your team to use it whilst also making it more fun (and competitive) to use it.

4) Make using the CRM a HABIT with coaching and support

Regardless of whether you’re implementing a new CRM or just want to get the team using their existing one, coaching them into making it a habit will be a game-changer. This might require you checking with them daily to start, but after a few weeks you should be able to slowly take steps back.

The key is to make sure they know exactly how to use it, and they get used to using it throughout all parts of the sales process.

5) Tap into all the EXTRA apps and features built into your CRM

We personally chose to work with Pipedrive for many reasons, but one of them is the EXTENSIVE app store they have and the huge amount of add-ons and extensions they have. For example, you can setup and integrate an online calendar through their CRM. No more Calendly, it’s built into your CRM. They have apps that cover all areas of the sales tech stack, helping you and your team use them all in one simple place.

Whichever CRM you use, look into what other features you might not be taking advantage of yet. And if you want you can try Pipedrive (and all of their apps) completely free for 30-days right here.

There we go!

5 nice and simple (but also powerful) tips to help you and your sales team get more from their CRM.

Now there is only ONE sales CRM that we recommend here at The Daily Sales and that’s Pipedrive, the CRM built by salespeople FOR salespeople

It is one of the world’s best CRM’s used by over 100,000+ companies in 179 countries. You can try it for free right here. The best sales managers choose Pipedrive because it is DESIGNED for sales teams and has been voted the easiest to use CRMThey normally offer 14-day free trial but if you follow one of our links in this newsletter you’ll be able to get an extended 30-day free trial and as a bonus, if you choose to use Pipedrive after your trial, you’ll get 20% discount on your first year (that’s a pretty amazing offer if we’re honest!).

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