Tuesday 20th September 2022 • 10:00am UK Time

How to find, attract and hire the BEST salespeople

In this webinar Daniel Disney will show you the best ways to find, attract and hire best salespeople out there for your company and team. This will include:

  • What to include in your job adverts
  • How to find candidates on LinkedIn
  • How to attract candidates to your roles
  • How to interview them effectively
  • Platforms that can help

& more!

The full recording will be sent to everyone who registers a place.

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    The Ultimate LinkedIn Sales Guide

    With the impact of COVID, remote working has become big, and so has the use of digital/virtual sales tools. More sales teams want and need to understand how to use social media platforms like LinkedIn to sell, and most do not use it properly. The Ultimate LinkedIn Sales Guide is the go-to book and guide for utilizing LinkedIn to sell. It covers all aspects of social and digital selling, including building the ultimate LinkedIn profile, using the searching functions to find customers, sending effective LinkedIn messages

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