Why Most Salespeople SUCK At Using LinkedIn

After analysing over 1,500 global salespeople I can honestly say…

Most salespeople SUCK at using LinkedIn!

Now please don’t take this offensively, I’m going to share some top tips to help you start using it properly.

Sometimes though a bit of brutal honesty is what’s needed.

There are a lot of people shaming salespeople on LinkedIn, and whilst I want to raise the fact that many aren’t using it properly, I also want to try and help you and your sales team start to leverage it like the truly powerful sales platform that it is.

Let’s have a virtual hug and let me dig into why I believe most salespeople aren’t using LinkedIn properly.

1) Most of their profiles are EMPTY

When a company hires me to train or coach their sales team or employees, around 90% of the team have empty mis-matched LinkedIn profiles. This is a much bigger problem than most people realise…

Let me explain why:

Think of it like this, if you were to go and see a prospect or customer face to face, you would dress up as smart and professional as possible. Why? To make the best possible impression!

Well guess what, your prospects and customers are also looking at your LinkedIn profile.

The problem is that when they do, most of the profiles are empty and mis-matched. It’s the equivalent of going to meet a customer dressed in your pyjamas! It scares customers away. Each salesperson will have prospects and customers viewing their profile, but if it’s an empty profile it’s like a bucket full of holes, those prospects and customers just wash away.

Salespeople who have good LinkedIn profiles achieve the opposite though, their profile GENERATES them leads and sales opportunities!

Here are a few of my LinkedIn profile top tips:

– Get or take a good profile photo. If you are working remotely, just get someone in your house to take a photo with your phone against a plain wall. Shoulders and above with good lighting if possible.

– Find or create a good background image for your profile. It’s like a mini billboard, use it to show your prospects and customers what you offer.

– Make your profile CUSTOMER focused, not focused on you. It shouldn’t tell them what you do, it should tell them how you can help THEM.

2) Most salespeople are only RE-SHARING the companies blog

Now most of the time this is because the marketing team have told them to this, but either way it is a very damaging activity that generates minimal to zero engagement and is basically like an anchor holding the team back from utilising LinkedIn properly.

It’s just the same thing every day, clicking share on the company blog…


I hate to break it to you, but your prospects and customers are NOT interested in that.

The reality, unfortunately, is that it offers ZERO value to them.

And that’s the important part when it comes to content on LinkedIn, value.

If you want to generate engagement, if you want to generate leads, if you want to generate sales opportunities, you need to be giving value through your content.

Here are some of my top tips around creating value-giving content on LinkedIn:

– The majority of your content should be valuable to your prospects and customers. Share tips that will benefit them, latest news, insights, stories, knowledge etc

– Share content about you, your knowledge, your experiences, your stories. People buy from people, so show them you.

– Aim to try and share at least 2-3 pieces of content per week, building up to one per day

– Use multiple forms of content (photos, stories, quotes, polls, articles, videos etc)

3) They’re sending TERRIBLE sales-pitch spammy LinkedIn Messages

I get these every day, terribly written, copy and pasted, un-personalised LinkedIn messages trying to sell me anything and everything.

Guess what…


So many salespeople and sales teams are doing this and it’s a huge waste of time. Yes you might hit an activity KPI of sending 100’s of messages each day, but you’ll struggle to get replies and actually generate leads and sales opportunities.

Let’s stop this right now!

Instead of sending spammy messages that don’t work, send CONVERSATION-STARTING messages that do work.

Here are some of my top LinkedIn messaging tips:

– RESEARCH first, spend -30 seconds on their profile and find relevant information that you can reference in the message to show that you’ve done your homework.

– Don’t make it about YOUR product, make it about how you believe you can help THEM

– Keep them light and conversational, not heavy and sales focused

– Leverage audio and video messaging on LinkedIn to stand out from the crowd

There you go…

Why most salespeople SUCK at using LinkedIn, but a few top tips on how you and your sales teams can change all of that!

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Daniel Disney is one of the world’s leading Sales, Social Selling, and LinkedIn experts and is the author of the #1 Amazon Best Selling book, “The Million-Pound LinkedIn Message“.

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