Wednesday 8th March 2023 • 10:00am UK Time

5 Secrets Only The BEST Salespeople Know

The elite, the best, the 1% of salespeople ALWAYS hitting their target, well they have their secrets and in this webinar Daniel is going to share some of them with you! Having been a top performer himself and having managed some exceptional consistent performers, Daniel knows exactly what it takes to be super successful in sales. Not just for one month either, but for month after month after month. The webinar will dig into:

  • How do they CLOSE most of their opportunities
  • Can they be that successful working just 9-5?
  • What do they have in common
  • What can YOU do to get their results
  • & So much more

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    The Ultimate LinkedIn Sales Guide

    With the impact of COVID, remote working has become big, and so has the use of digital/virtual sales tools. More sales teams want and need to understand how to use social media platforms like LinkedIn to sell, and most do not use it properly. The Ultimate LinkedIn Sales Guide is the go-to book and guide for utilizing LinkedIn to sell. It covers all aspects of social and digital selling, including building the ultimate LinkedIn profile, using the searching functions to find customers, sending effective LinkedIn messages

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