How To Sell MORE During The Summer

Summer is here and already the out-of-office replies are being sent out by decision makers everywhere

For some salespeople, this is time to slow down…

But for REAL salespeople, this is the time to work harder

There are lots of ways you can still sell and hit your sales targets during the summer and in todays newsletter we are going to share 5 BIG tips:

1) Don’t make any ASSUMPTIONS

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A lot of salespeople jump straight into assuming that their prospects won’t want to buy during the summer, or that their prospects must all be away on holiday or thinking about their holidays.

This simply isn’t true.

There are a few things you need to remember:

  • Lots of people won’t be going on any holidays this year
  • Lots of decision makers are working as normal
  • Lots of companies are still buying

The key is don’t make ANY assumptions when speaking to prospects, treat each of them as if it’s any other time of the year and you’re trying to help them with your product or service.

2) Know WHEN they’re going to be away

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Obviously a lot of people do go away during the summer and so it’s CRUCIAL that you know exactly when, where and for how long each and every one of your prospects is going to be away this summer.

Now this isn’t about being creepy…

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It’s about knowing WHEN they’re going to be away so you have complete ownership of your pipeline and you know which opportunities might not come in because a decision maker is away. This is all about proper planning and having complete control of your opportunities.

It’s about knowing HOW LONG they’re away so you know when they’re back and when to schedule in the next follow up, next meeting or potentially the closing of the sale.

It’s also about knowing WHERE they’re going so any time you talk to them before and after, you’re able to mention their holiday. This is all about showing you care and building relationships with them.

This is where a good CRM is crucial, one that is designed for sales pipeline management and keeping all these details easily accessible…

We always recommend Pipedrive, it’s the CRM built BY salespeople FOR salespeople and has one of the best (if not THE best) pipeline management designs. It is SO EASY to add notes and details like when they’re away, where they’re going and everything else they tell you. Then, when they’re back, you can remind yourself as ask super personalised questions that will make them feel like you are genuinely interested in building a relationship with them.

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Pipedrive is a world leading CRM for user reviews, customer satisfaction and ease of use. You can check it out for yourself or for your sales team right here. If you follow any of the links in this newsletter you’ll get an extended 30-day free trial, and if you like it you’ll also get 20% discount on your first year.

3) Work with OTHER decision makers in the business

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Many salespeople will stall on an opportunity because their main contact is away on holiday, when there are probably several other decision makers in the business that can continue the conversation, potentially even driving the opportunity forward.

I had an opportunity recently where my main contact, and the most senior person at this company, was going away for 2 weeks, so after I asked, they got one of their leaders to work with me on finalising the details.

4) Look into the FUTURE to close more deals

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Ok hear me out on this one…

One of the most effective ways to close sales is to map out the next steps, and make them see the benefit in signing now to get things moving.

Over the summer you can use this really well by highlighting the value in getting the process done now, so that everything is then ready for them when September comes, a new quarter is near and business is likely to be busier after the quieter summer.

Remember closing a sale is part of the journey, look into the future at what will happen after, what process happens after, and it might actually be in THEIR interest to sign now and get things moving ready for after the summer.

5) Start generating leads AND closing sales whilst you’re away

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This is a big tip and one I cannot express enough at how powerful it is…

By sharing content (and scheduling content for while you’re away) on LinkedIn you have the potential opportunity to both generate new leads for when you get back AND to close deals as well.

How does this happen I hear you ask? Simple, let me show you exactly how:

1) You generate leads by sharing good, value-giving and quality content before you go away AND while you’re away. You can schedule LinkedIn posts in advance so you don’t even have to log into LinkedIn while you’re away, but those posts, when done right, can generate you inbound leads for when you get back. (I’m working with a great new scheduling tool called ConnectIn which is launching soon and is amazing. You can register to be one of the first users here –

2) You can even CLOSE deals whilst you’re away on holiday by scheduling and sharing testimonial posts. Posts like these encourage people to want to move forward if they had been stalling or waiting. For example:

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I shared this post on LinkedIn highlighting my engagement on LinkedIn during all of 2021. I had several of my existing opportunities message/email me to sign, as the post showed them the results that I personally get on LinkedIn, encouraging them to see the value in me sharing that knowledge and experience with their teams and companies.

And there we go!

A few little tips to help you and your sales teams hopefully generate some more sales over the summer.

To sell more you’ll definitely need a good CRM to ensure your teams efforts and activities are turned into pipeline and sales…

We personally recommend Pipedrive, one of the world’s best CRM’s used by over 100,000+ companies in 179 countries. You can try it for free right here. The best sales managers choose Pipedrive because it is DESIGNED for sales teams and has been voted the easiest to use CRM.

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They normally offer 14-day free trial but if you follow one of our links in this newsletter you’ll be able to get an extended 30-day free trial and as a bonus, if you choose to use Pipedrive after your trial, you’ll get 20% discount on your first year (that’s a pretty amazing offer if we’re honest!).

If you’re potentially interested in trying Pipedrive out, we have a few extra resources that might help:

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