20 HUGE Sales Tips For 2022/2023

There’s no big introduction needed here, we’ve just sourced 20 of the BEST sales tips out there to help you and your sales team sell more in 2022, 2023 and beyond.

Let’s waste no time and dig straight in…

1) Make MORE Calls

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That’s right, you heard me right. Pick up that phone and make some money! There are so many decision-makers out there that will ONLY ever consider buying from you if you pick up the phone and call them.

If you are scared of making calls, then practice. Ask for training, ask for help, shadow the best sales callers you can find, do what you need to do to get more confident. When I make calls I think of one simple thing…

The person that I’m calling COULD be the biggest sale of my career.

2) Start Using LinkedIn PROPERLY

Equally as important as making more calls is the importance of using LinkedIn as part of your sales process and strategy. (NOTE: Using LinkedIn is only important if your CUSTOMERS are using LinkedIn). Assuming your customers are on LinkedIn, using it alone isn’t enough, you need to start using it properly.

No more sending 100’s of spammy sales pitch messages, no more creating terrible content, no more blind-sharing your corporate blogs. Create great value-giving content regularly, send messages that open conversations, build a strong respected personal brand.

The Ultimate LinkedIn Sales Guide is the most up-to-date and comprehensive book on leveraging LinkedIn and social selling out there and is available on Amazon here.

3) LISTEN To Your Prospects And Customers

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Way too many salespeople talk themselves OUT of deals. They talk too much, not asking the right questions and not listening to their prospects and customers. Make a conscious effort to actually listen to them, recap to them what they’ve said to you, ask them to elaborate more, take notes etc.

Not only will you find out SO MUCH more information that will help you sell, but you’ll also build far stronger relationships with them as well.

3) Be HONEST About Your Sales Pipeline

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It’s very easy when under immense pressure from a scary sales manager to want to tell them that your pipeline is “amazing” when in fact it’s as empty as the desert. Whilst it might get them off your back for the day, it will soon backfire when you then don’t hit target at the end of the month.

Start swallowing your pride or your fear, and face the truth. If your pipeline isn’t strong, ask for HELP. The longer you keep hiding away from the truth, the less likely you’ll be of hitting target.

4) SOLVE Problems Over Selling Products

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People don’t like to be sold to, but they need to buy. The moment you stop going out there spewing features and benefits and trying to persuade people to buy will be the moment you’ll start becoming a better salesperson.

Focus on THEIR problems, their challenges, their motivations to buy. Make it 100% about them. It will build better trust and increase your chances of winning the deal.

5) Know WHAT You’re Working For

Look sales is hard! You’re going to face rejection and objection and hurdles every single day. The only way to be able to push past all of that is to know and remember exactly what you’re working for.

It could be a promotion, it could be money for a new car or house, it could be to become top of the leaderboard, whatever it is that makes that fire in your belly really burn. When it gets tough, remember what it is that you’re working for, re-charge and push ahead.

6) CELEBRATE Your Success

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It’s important to celebrate your (and your colleagues) success. We know how hard it is to sell, so when you do, make sure you celebrate! Some sales teams have a huge gong they get to hit when they get a sale, others have a bell, there are infinite ways you can celebrate success.

Celebrate everything from each individual sale to hitting target, beating target and beyond. The positive reinforcement will help you push harder to get more. NOTE: It’s worth adding the importance of being HUMBLE with this! Whilst you may win a deal, or hit target, success isn’t a destination it’s part of the journey. There are more sales to make and more targets to hit. Celebrate, feel good and then get back to working on the next one!

7) Know What You DON’T Know

It’s near impossible for a salesperson to be a total expert of their product. This is why it is important to know what you don’t know. and to be comfortable with that. If you get asked a question that you don’t know the answer to, don’t lie and make something up. Be honest about it and then promise them that you will find out the answer as soon as possible.

You’ll earn trust, respect and have the opportunity to give value to your prospects and customers through the effort you’re making.

8) Don’t Pester, But Be PERSISTENT

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Many salespeople either give up too early without trying hard enough, or they try too hard and become a pest! The key is to find the balance of being persistent without putting on too much pressure.

The best way to do this is to first make sure you’re focusing on the right people. Most salespeople become pestering when they’re just trying to sell to everyone. Qualify first, and if you genuinely believe you can help someone then use all of the tools that you can to communicate that. If you get a solid no, back away.

EXTRA TIP – If you get a no and need to back away, this is where social selling and personal brand can really help. Connect with them on LinkedIn and start sharing and creating value-giving content. You’ll build trust over time and when they’re ready, you’ll have a chance of winning them back.

9) Learn To Manage The PRESSURE

Another thing that often pushes salespeople to start to pester and pressure their prospects and customers is the pressure they have themselves. The pressure of hitting a target, earning enough money and the pressure often put on them by their manages can be very hard to manage.

Learn how to manage it better and not pass it on to your prospects and customers. Here’s an awesome article with some great tips on how to handle the pressure.

10) Really Work Hard AND Smart (When You Need To)

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Hard work is crucial to success in any role, especially sales. It’s super important to work hard (and smart) but it’s also important to work hard when you need to. I’ve seen too many sales reps work stupidly hard, and achieve nothing. They’re told to make 100 calls a day, they make 100 calls a day, but book no meetings.

Work smart by learning how to do it right, work hard by putting the graft in and invest your time wisely. Make calls when there is the best possible chance they’ll answer, learn what works and do more of that.

11) Always Be LEARNING

It’s so important and valuable to look for all and every opportunity to learn. Read books, watch videos, attend seminars, listen to podcasts, invest in training, shadow great salespeople, the opportunities will be endless. Always keep an open mind to learn more, and keep the appetite to learn more.

Don’t just learn from others, learn from your own experience. Practice really does make perfect, to more calls you make, the more you’ll learn about making successful calls. The more doors you knock, the more LinkedIn messages you send, it will all help you learn.

The best opportunity sales teams have for learning this year is Outbound Sales Conference happening in-person in Atlanta and virtual September 19th-23rd 2022. Full details are here and use discount code DAILY10 for 10% off any ticket.

12) Become Open-Minded To CHANGE

The way we buy changes, the way we communicate changes, the platforms we use change, and because of all of this, the way we sell changes. Start to become more open-minded to change. Be prepared to accept change, embrace it and learn how to adapt to it. The world is never going to stop changing, so you need to become comfortable and good at adapting to change constantly.

Right now salespeople are adapting to the rise of social media in sales, but it’s not going to be long before salespeople will need to adapt to sending video messages and audio messages, and who knows what new technologies will come about in future years.

13) Start Using TECHNOLOGY To Sell Better

We live in such an exciting time in sales where there are more and more tools, technologies and software built to help salespeople sell better, smarter and more effectively than ever before. They automate tasks, utilise artificial intelligence, analyse data and so much more.

Seek these tools out, try them, embrace them, master them and sell in the most effective way possible.

This is why we recommend Pipedrive, it’s the CRM built BY salespeople FOR salespeople.

Pipedrive is a world leading CRM for user reviews, customer satisfaction and ease of use. You can check it out for yourself or for your sales team right here. (They have one of the best pipeline management setups out of all CRM’s making it so much easier to manage sales pipelines for salespeople and sales managers)

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14) Be PROUD To Be A Salesperson

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Salespeople use all kinds of job titles to try and hide the fact that they work in sales. Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed that you work in sales, embrace it! Be proud, feel empowered that your job is to go out there and HELP people. You solve problems, you help people save huge amounts of money or transform the way their business operates.

Show people that you care about working in sales, that you take it seriously, that you work professionally and that you are there to help them.

15) Utilize The Power Of GIFTS

One of the most under-used tools of sales is the power of giving gifts. It could be sending a birthday card, sending a book that you think they’ll like, perhaps a bottle of wine to thank them for buying from you. Gifts show that you care, they show effort and they show that you really value them.

I’ve sent cards, books, chocolate, even personalized Lego mini-figures! Check out Reachdesk, they’ve built one of the most amazing platforms I’ve seen to help salespeople leverage gifts to sell better.

16) CONSTANTLY Fill Your Sales Pipeline

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This is such a key to success in sales, you need to ALWAYS work to constantly fill your sales pipeline, every single day, week and month. Finding and creating new sales opportunities never stops, no matter how long you work in sales. For each deal you close you should have several new ones ready to replace it.

It’s important to remember you need to OVER fill your pipeline. You might need to get 10 deals to hit target, but with the reality of some dropping off, some postponing, some going cold, the reality will be you’ll need 15-20 opportunities to end on hitting 10.

17) Take Care Of Your HEALTH

It can be tempting to sit at your desk guzzling down energy drinks, eating lunch whilst you work and avoiding taking breaks because you want to work hard. Trust me, the value that taking care of your health far outweighs any value in trying to push yourself too hard.

Take regular breaks, try and eat/drink healthy at least some of the time, go for a walk or do some exercise, all these things will help you sell. When your energy crashes after the energy drink wears off, or when your eyes get sore from staring at a screen all day, these things won’t help you be effective at selling.


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Sales is less about B2B and B2C, you’re not just selling to businesses and consumers, you’re selling to PEOPLE. This is why it’s so important to sell with authenticity. You need to be real, to be genuine, to want to actually help that prospect or customer.

Treat your prospects and customers like human beings, show empathy, show that you value them, give them your time and effort, and invest in building a solid relationship with them.

19) Look For The FACTS (Not Just Opinions)

Social media has created a platform where everyone has a voice. In previous times, people did this in the office or at events. There have always been people in sales who share their opinions as fact. For example if they can’t succeed at cold calls, they’ll say cold calls are dead. Or if they can’t win any business on LinkedIn, then Social Selling doesn’t work.

Look for the facts, look for real data, real case studies, real examples, real stories and look for people that have really done it or even better are really doing it right now.

20) Have A Winning MINDSET

Go into 2020 ready to WIN! Get yourself pumped up, know what you want to achieve, know how you can achieve it, know what you need to do and go out there and do it. If you think you’re going to fail, you probably will. Go out there wanting to win, and then make sure you do what you need to do to achieve that.

Find motivational quotes that inspire you, focus on goals or aspirations that you’re excited about, read motivational books, whatever helps. One of my sales teams a few years back printing off a picture of their dream car, then added a photo of their face into the driver’s seat. They pinned it to their desks so every day they had something to motivate them,

And there you go!

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